Fifty games to go at NetEnt Casino

NetEnt Casino has a beautiful website. That was my first impression when I loaded it up on the netbook. Rich wood textures are complimented by deep reds and shining brass highlights, giving the casino a very classy feel. Fortunately, these good looks are complimented by equally good service. Visit the full NetEnt casinos article.

The site runs on RealTime Gaming software. Inside the instant play section, there are just under 50 different games available to choose from. The games all run embedded right in the main website, making it very easy to enjoy them on the run. Players only need to go to the casino’s webpage, log-in, pick a game, and start playing.

Visually, the games are quite good. Some of their older slots can look a bit rusty, but the newest arrivals are very nice. Table games are simple, with fast animations and few visual effects to slow things down. As far as size, all the games work very well on a netbook’s smaller screen – you won’t even have to re-size your browser window to enjoy them.

New players at NetEnt Casino can claim an $888 welcome bonus across their first two deposits. Regular members are treated to dozens of similar bonuses each and every week, giving players a chance to claim thousands of dollars in bonus cash each month. They offer some of the best bonuses of any casino online – why not sign up and claim your share!

Scratch Ticket from NetEnt: Boring but effective

Virtual scratch cards are not very entertaining games. They have no flashing lights, no spinning reels, no cards or dice to watch out for. Players just pick a scratch card, rub off the squares, and hope to win.

Scratch Ticket from Net Entertainment is one of these games. Players can choose from four different tools to scratch off their ticket (a coin, a hair pin, a key fob, or a ring), but that’s about as exciting as this game gets. In fact, you don’t even have to scratch off the squares by hand, you can hit the “scratch all” button to have reveal your ticket instantly.

But as simple as this game is, it is does its job well. And what’s its job? To help you win money of course! The simplicity of the game means it runs perfectly on even the oldest, slowest netbook computer. Cards cost $2 each, and can pay out anything from $2 to $30,000.

The exact odds of winning are shown in the paytable – out of 1 million tickets sold, for example, more than a third of them are $2 winners, while just one pays out the big $30,000 prize.

Scratch Ticket can be played for free right here, or for real money over at This Net Entertainment gambling site is 100% no download, and offers dozens of great games to try out, many of which can be played for free. Sign up now to grab a $100 welcome bonus, then buy a few scratch cards for your chance to win.